Manchester Arndale Centre

Project Details

Retail Shopping Centre
North West based construction company
Pump Used:
Schwing 24X Fold Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Manchester Arndale Centre

Originally, on this project, we were meant to park on the main high street and run a pipeline directly through the Arndale Centre. However, the plan changed and we had to relocate to the loading area, on the very lower ground floor, underneath the Arndale Centre!

From here we ran the pump through a personnel door, up 4.5m high, across 30m, up another 4.5m and around the circular slab 80m.

The concrete went through the pipeline first time, the cleanup was a success, with minimum mess (from the hopper only), all the pipes and equipment taken away on completion.

The work was carried out at night and completed in the time scale required by the client.