Lytag Concrete

Up to 50% lighter than conventional concrete, one of the advantages of Lytag concrete is that it can be pumped considerably higher than other forms of concrete – much of London’s recent dramatic high-rise landscape has been built using this material.

One of the most notable major structures built with Lytag precast concrete in recent years is the Centre Court at Wimbledon. Lytag provides the same level of structural integrity as natural aggregate concrete, so can be used in the same way, but with considerable weight savings. It is perfect for large structural units and lintels, beams, kerbs and flagstones, etc.

In its pre-cast form Lytag concrete is:

  • 25% to 40% lighter
  • As strong as conventional concrete
  • Is quicker and safer to handle manually
  • Means smaller cranes can be used
  • Offers substantial savings, and
  • Greater design flexibility